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Who We Are

Techmonde Corporation explores a different side of the outsourcing industry. Where other BPO companies provide only work products, we provide clients with dedicated global workforce.

We offer practical expertise in all areas of outsourcing at a price lower than US domestic rates. Our management team is widely experienced in a broad spectrum of industries. They share the best-practices learned over the years from each industry. We have a deep intellectual pool with a consistent track-record of successful results.

Our state-of-the-art work environment highly motivates and encourages productivity, creating a highly effective workplace. Our clients are able to expand their operations without the added expense and administration of adapting their facilities to the growth of the business. We operate round-the-clock, giving our clients access to their offshore staff at any schedule suited to their business needs.

We are composed of bright, young, talented people dedicated to using our expertise to give our clients the best value service. We are committed to quality and excellence at every turn.

Our Difference
We focus on hiring people to work as your dedicated staff. We recruit and screen people specific to your requirements. You get to interview and test candidates, and make the final selection on who works for you. Once hired, we provide the facilities, infrastructure, and HR management. You get the benefit of having a staff that is dedicated to your needs and totally integrated with your company and your team, but working offsite from our facilities. We help you increase your productivity while lowering your costs and eliminating administrative concerns.

Ride the wave of globalization. Move your business forward.

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